Does Society Ever Go Too Far?

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Does Society Ever Go Too Far? Just because we can should we? Does society ever take things too far?Does power give people the right to do absolutely anything? With power people do terrible things. Power gets into people's’ minds and causes them to do crazy things. Take a look at how science pushes cloning too far, how police took their powers too far, and how power helped marriage equality. Of course science takes some things too far. It is almost a necessity in science to take things too far it seems. There must be some sacrifices made to find cures for diseases or other helpful things. Cloning is not something that sacrifices need to be made for. Cloning has been done before on humans. In 2014, cloned embryos were able to be used as a…show more content…
Moreau was not only dangerous but his power got to his head. He felt in control of all the beast men and made laws for the beats and made the beasts do everything he wanted. Some police officers have power go to their head like Moreau. Eric Garner was a man suspected of selling single cigarettes from a pack which is illegal. Police confronted him trying to see what Garner was doing and he felt as if he was being harassed. One of the officers grabbed Garner’s wrist and bent it behind him, possibly out of reflex Garner presumed to slap the officer’s hand away. The officer then proceeded to put him in a chokehold along with a few other officers. Garner cried for help saying “I can’t breathe”. The officers ignored his cry for help and continued holding him down. Garner passed out and was pronounced dead later at a hospital. The death was ruled a homicide by a medical examiner. Daniel Pantaleo, the officer that allegedly killed Garner, had a choice. He could’ve used less force on Garner and let him breathe or do what he did and keep Garner pinned on the ground. Pantaleo had the power to do this to Garner since he was an officer. Pantaleo’s power seemed to get to his head. Dr. Moreau was similar to Pantaleo since Moreau was the enforcer of the law. The leopard man was like Garner to an extent. Garner was suspected of a small crime and if it was intentional or not, he died for it. The leopard man tasted blood, and as a leopard it had the instinct to kill. Dr. Moreau wanted to…show more content…
Moreau also made all the decisions on the punishments that came with these laws. Recently, marriage equality was approved by the Supreme Court for the United States. That law was not voted on but the Supreme Court has power to make things laws. Dr. Moreau created laws without the “people” voting, somewhat similar to the Supreme Court. The beats say “ His is the Hand that makes.” with the hand being Dr. Moreau’s. The Supreme Court relates to Moreau by making some laws. The difference is the beats had no say at all in the laws that Moreau created but the Supreme Court creates laws based off of court cases. Moreau had many mistakes and unfair laws. The Supreme Court over the decades has made mostly good decisions. Moreau had laws that were nearly impossible to follow like the beasts weren’t allowed to taste blood and were completely

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