Conflict Theory And The Shooting Of Michael Brown In Ferguson

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When one looks at society today, it is simple to see sociological theories applied in everyday life. The current situation in Ferguson can be analyzed through the use of conflict theory. According to authors Kerry Ferris and Jill Stein (2014, pg. 24) “Conflict theory a paradigm that sees social conflict as the basis of society and change, and emphasizes materialistic view of society, a critical view of the status quo, and a dynamic model of historical change.” The concept of race and ethnicity in society causing conflict applies to the current situation in regarding the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. The shooting led to protests against the police force of the city due to the inequality exhibited by the shooting and justice…show more content…
Though many people may not attain this view, there are people that still do and it causes conflict amongst minorities and non-minorities. It almost seems unavoidable for a young black male to be prosecuted of crimes he has not committed. Inequality is a component of conflict theory that effectively relates to this. A young white male might be treated differently due to his skin color or class status. The officer incessantly shooting Michael Brown more than once represents an extraneous consequence brought upon by inequality. The persisting situations in which an innocent young black male is automatically assumed as guilty of a crime give rise to the inequality that exists among race in this country. Because of this inequality, it can also be assumed that if the police officer had been of another race, his arrest would not be pending and he would have been penalized for shooting an innocent man. Inequality also persists in the state of Missouri as well; there have been claims that it is more difficult for minorities to find employment than it is for white people. Racial profiling results in struggle amongst the minorities, while the non-minorities succeed. This kind of inequality clearly emphasizes how conflict theory relates to the situation in Missouri. Though unfortunate, this kind of inequality will linger in this country unless social change…show more content…
The people in the city that support Michael Brown believe that this is unjust. Because the people in power are white and dominate the minorities, they will continue to keep Darren Wilson in safety. The authorities will also continue to prosecute weak minorities that have no stance politically because it doesn’t affect how their institutions are run. On the other hand, they will not unjustifiably accuse people that have political power (usually white) of crimes because it would directly affect them. Instead they focus on the weak, thus maintaining their power over them. In the end it comes down to the competition for scarce resources, which leads to minorities being corrupted by the non-minorities in power so they can get ahead in society. Social change is a concept of conflict theory that is being applied by the people involved in Ferguson. The protestors are protesting for the prosecution of Darren Wilson, which would eventually lead to change. Social change would bring about a shift in the way the police operate here in the United States. This idea makes the upper class in charge of things nervous, so they are reluctant to put forth effort into social

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