'The Memory Keeper's Daughter'

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1. I chose to make a camera because in The Memory Keeper’s Daughter, Dr. David Henry’s camera is a symbol of how he wishes his life was. The camera itself was a gift from his wife Norah for their anniversary, so they would always remember the happy times. However, photography became David’s new passion, and contributed to David and Norah’s later separation. The camera is a huge part of the story, as the novel was titled after it “The Memory Keeper, it said on the box…” (87). 2. Character Description: see character web. • David- David comes from a background of poverty, which leads him to try to provide everything he possibly can for his family. He thinks sending away his daughter with downs syndrome will be better for his family than keeping…show more content…
David first gives up Phoebe because of her disability, which is the event that the entire novel revolves around. This incident causes the rift in Norah and David’s marriage and everything that happens because of that split. If David would have made an effort to accept Phoebe instead of immediately giving her away, things would have turned out better. Caroline also fights for Phoebe’s right for a proper education in a public school, and eventually Phoebe does get to go to school. • The burden of secrets- Everyone in the novel has secrets, with the exception of Phoebe. David’s secret is giving up Phoebe, Norah has secret affairs, Paul performs dangerous stunts (like jumping in front of a train and drugs), and Caroline has kept Phoebe’s true origins a secret from the people in Pennsylvania and even her husband, Al. These secrets weigh on the characters and influence their everyday choices. David and Norah’s secrets lead to their separation, which affect Paul’s decisions. • Emotions impacting decisions- David’s fear of Phoebe potentially dying an early death like his sister June. He believes his sister’s death was what caused the ultimate downfall of his past family and doesn’t want that to happen to his new family. Norah’s feeling of loneliness leads her to have affairs and try to fill her time with work. 4.
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