Caring For And Accepting In The Memory Keeper's Daughter By Kim Edwards

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The world known as “Earth” is a home to seven billion completely different people. These people come with in variety of unique characteristics ranging from their shape to their incredible personalities. Some may seem to be different from most others due to an obstacle known as a “disability”. These disabilities, in the end, make people that much more unique. Each and every one of these individuals should be treasured and protected, because no one else can replace who they are. The novel, “The Memory Keeper’s Daughter”, effectively displays the theme of caring for and accepting individuals with disabilities. Kim Edwards uses “The Memory Keeper’s Daughter” to display the effect of caring for and accepting individuals with disabilities can have on one’s life.…show more content…
Caroline can not stand the fact that the men around her see Phoebe as incapable and slow. Caroline only wishes to prove to everyone just how amazing her daughter can be and how indifferent she really is. Granted that receiving Phoebe was initially an accident, caring for her has changed Caroline for the better, making her a much more protective woman. Alternatively, Caroline is using her love for Phoebe to express her empathy for her, not only to herself but also to the board members. Caroline is hearing all of the foolishness coming from the board members mouths’s and thinks about who her daughter is to these people. As Caroline continues to listen to the board member’s argument, a deep thought strolls her mind. Brayden 4 “... They would never see Phoebe as more than different, slow to speak and master new things. How could she show them her beautiful daughter…”, (Edwards 161). On the other hand, Caroline has just heard first-hand what other people think about children with Down syndrome. Hearing the harsh words, Caroline starts thinking that none of the men would ever see Phoebe for who she really is and that they would

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