The Man In The High Castle And Ubik Analysis

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Deception is the act of betrayal or hiding of something that is the truth from others. It is in many ways that prior meetings with deceit have a major influence on the nature of those affected. In the novels The Man in the High Castle and Ubik by Philip K. Dick, characters are deceived by one another and are affected in a way which causes them to suffer. These characters find themselves feeling the effects of what deception can cause through physical destruction, mental struggles, and emotional outbursts. The meaning of the word physical is of or relating to the body as opposed to the mind. It is the same word which can be used to describe part of the suffering characters in the two respective novels experience. Joe Cinnadella deceives Juliana…show more content…
Juliana offers, but the one night stay turns into about a month. During his stay, Joe introduces Juliana to a novel he has been reading by a man named Hawthorne Abendsen. Juliana develops a strong liking to the book and Joe and they decide to drive to the author’s house to meet him and ask him about the novel. During their travel the pair realize they will not be able to arrive at Hawthorne’s house at a suitable time and decide to stay at a hotel overnight. In the hotel room, Juliana discovers an explosive pen that Joe has. She makes sense of everything and realizes that Joe isn’t actually a truck driver but instead is a Nazi spy who is in charge of assassinating Hawthorne. Joe will not let Juliana leave the hotel room so she decides to fight back: “Don’t bar my way unless you want a lesson.” Holding the blade up she went on opening the door. Joe sat on the floor, hands pressed on the side of his throat” (Dick, 213). Juliana is enraged that she has been deceived by Joe for such a long time. She trusted him. The deception which Joe brings upon Juliana leads to his death. “Holding the blade…show more content…
After he makes it up the stairs of the hotel where Glen Runciter is supposedly saying according to Pat, Joe enters the hotel room and finds Glen seated in the armchair. However, around half-way through piecing together exactly what has happened, Joe questions Glen and Glen reveals his true identity, a young man by the name of Jory who has deceived Joe the whole time. Jory has created the world that everyone lives in and he reveals that the explosion killed everybody except Runciter meaning Joe and the others are all in half life (half-dead). Joe becomes angry and decides he wants to kill Jory: “Snarling, Jory bit him. The great shovel teeth fastened deep into Joe’s right hand. They hung on as, meanwhile, Jory raised his head, lifting Joe’s hand with his jaw; Jory stared at him with unwinking eyes, snoring wetly as he tried to close his jaws. The teeth sank deeper and Joe felt the pain of it throughout him” (Dick, 198). Joe has had endured enough deception for his liking and doesn’t know who to trust or what to believe anymore. Physically he has become a wreck and only makes matters worse by trying to take on Jory. The importance of “sank deeper” is that Joe has sunk extremely deep on a physical level. He had to hobble up the hotel stairs to reach the room because he was feet from an explosion. Then, he decides to kill Jory who is much younger and stronger than him regardless that Joe is

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