The Malaysian Dilemma By Tun Dr Mahathir Analysis

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In 1970, Tun Dr Mahathir's published a book titled 'The Malay Dilemma'. At the time of publication, Tun Dr Mahathir's had just lost his parliamentary seat and was expelled from UMNO. This book focuses on his views on the Malay community after a fierce quarrel due to differences in the position of bumiputera economy outside of the city and non-bumiputera status in the city. In this book, he has much to say about the Malays in various aspects such as the heredity and Malay environment, the Malay economy, the racial equality, the racial ideals, the Malay problems, the Malay values system, the political parties, and the problems of Malaysia and Singapore. In the first chapter of the book, he has touched on the economy of Malay in ancient times.…show more content…
Actually in any country that has ethnic groups many racial equality issues become a hot topic. For example, in the United States, social and economic separation between whites and blacks brings many problems, such as the long-established economic and social boycotts in their society to create gaps. Although it takes a long time to be better it needs to be continued to ensure future wellbeing. Hence, the equality of the race can guarantee racial harmony in a multiracial society. But what is happening in Malaysia is that every race feels they are discriminated against by other races that prove we do not really understand racial equality. According to the authors, Malays state that the discrimination they experienced in Malaysia was not a result of the law but based on the nature and behavior of a race. Therefore, in order to create equality of race it is necessary for other races to adjust to one…show more content…
This is because of the safety of a community that is generally dependent on the individual. Every citizen should always practice 17 pure values in their daily lives. With the pursuit of pure attitudes in the Malays society, the life of every multiracial society will always be peaceful and harmonious. Next, school is also the guarantor of the multi-racial community living in our country to live in peace and harmony. The school must organize community-based activities and engage in multi-racial communities to students. The practice of the community is also one of the measures to maintain harmony among the multiracial communities in Malaysia. Good community practice can safeguard the society in Malaysia. The security of this community can be maintained with the involvement of various races in every activity held in a

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