LIVRO Case Study: Three Levels Of Product Benefits

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Three Levels of Product Benefit The first level, core product, tells about the core benefit ofthe products LIVRO offers. The main products are books and it can benefit in such a way to consumers when they purchase these books through LIVRO’s online platform. The LIVRO website shall give consumers a chance to browse through its selections with any disruptions from external factors like traffic, sudden events, and the likes. The second level, total product, is aimed to persuade consumers to buy books in LIVRO’s website. There are only a few websites that sell books in the Philippines however the fight to convince consumers to approach the site has been tougher due to the presence of third-party sites like OLX and Lazada. The strategy at this…show more content…
Efficiency and effectiveness are the main objectives to achieve in a distribution process in order for the business to meet the overall retail objectives. If a business fails to procure a well enough distribution channel, profitability will be affected due to underestimated demands from its consumers. LIVRO shall have an exclusive distribution strategy using its online site. With the help of promotions, it can help trigger consumers into acquiring and transacting their order from the site. This option must be carefully done by the business in order to still yield revenue despite being entered in the Internet. With increasing choices and preferences in the online market, it is a challenge for LIVRO to stand out which is why the business shall apply all collective elements (Product, Price, Promotions) in order for its place strategies and tactics to work. Aside from its exclusivity in the online market, LIVRO shall partner up with courier intermediaries in order for them to deliver LIVRO’s products to its consumers. As of now, the business is deciding on a suitable distribution courier in order to equate the business goals and objectives to the key…show more content…
Creating strategies can support the group to develop the abilities of the business’s workers and shareholders and can aid in increasing creative methods to sales and customer service. Naturally operating online, LIVRO shall apply Internet Marketing as one of its key strategies .Digital advertising is an increasing source of media, entertainment, news, retailing, and social interaction which in turn, potential consumers are currently exposed not just to what the company says about its brand, but what the media, friends, peers, families etc. are saying as well. To take action, LIVRO will need a combined assessment of customer preferences and expectations across its chosen channels-web, social networking, and email marketing-which will be discussed further Classified under Internet Advertising, the company’s own website can be considered as its personal form of promotions. This strategy is hoped for that when consumers come across the website, it established some sort of linkage when associated with another factor. In connection to positioning, LIVRO wants that when certain factors come across a person’s mind (i.e. online bookstores), LIVRO’s website shall be thought of and be given recognition. The challenges, however, of this tactic is that before any potential visitor can come across the business’s website, other promotional campaigns must

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