Narrator's Journey In C. S. Lewis The Great Divorce

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In C.S. Lewis’ The Great Divorce, C.S. Lewis writes about the narrator's journey through towns in which Heaven and Hell are represented. The narrator is able to go through Grey Town, which is Purgatory/Hell, and is able to take a bus to Heaven. This bus flies and once it arrives the souls of those who choose to go on the trip get out and now get to view Heaven. These souls are called Ghosts, and for those Ghosts who choose to go to Heaven stay there, and those who decide not to to stay go back to Grey Town, which now becomes Hell for them. The narrator is able to witness several different Ghosts and what they experience in Heaven, and is able to witness their decision. The character encounter that I think I can best relate myself to is the…show more content…
The solid approaches the Big Ghost and welcomes him into Heaven. The Big Ghost is shocked to see the solid in Heaven because the solid had once murdered a mutual acquaintance in the previous life. The Big Ghost struggles to accept the fact that a murderer can be accepted into Heaven before himself. The Big Ghost exclaims “"Well, I'm damned," said the Ghost. "What I'd like to understand," said the Ghost, "is what you're here for, as pleased as Punch, you, a bloody murderer, while I've been walking the streets down there and living in a place like a pigstye all these years." This is referencing the fact that Len, the solid being, was admitted into Heaven before himself. The Big Ghost later goes on to say “I gone straight all my life. I don't say I was a religious man and I don't say I had no faults, far from it. But I done my best all my life, see? I done my best by everyone, that's the sort of chap I was. I never asked for anything that wasn't mine by rights. That's the sort I was and I don't care who knows it." The Big Ghost simply cannot understand the reason in which he has not been able to stay in Heaven while

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