Randy Pausch Reflection

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Death is good. Death made a man named Randy Pausch reflect highly on his life. Through this reflection, Pausch created an astonishing memoir that will forever be cherished as a guide to life as well as a lifestyle choice. This indistinguishable memoir serves as a role model to following dreams for all people no matter the age, experience, or culture. It is easily accessible to all, due to the fact that it has been translated into forty-eight different languages as well as sold over five million copies. The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch achieved such remarkable success due to the impeccable manipulation of a unique theme and distinctive structure that entices the reader, leaving a lasting impact for generations to come. Pausch was no ordinary…show more content…
The message is simple, a person needs to achieve their real childhood dreams. Upon reading The Last Lecture it is easy to figure out that Pausch wants to inspire the reader and get them to expand their thinking which in turn, will create a spectacular, well rounded, individual. Achieving one's childhood dreams is simple and all that needs to be done is to conjure up a dream or two. In childhood the brain is very imaginative and undisciplined, so naturally it is easy to develope dreams without taking into consideration the whole reality aspect. As each person reaches adulthood eventually thoughts and dreams can potentially be swayed by many people or aspects in our life that were not present during childhood. Pausch wants each reader to realize that childhood dreams are one of a kind and can not be altered in adulthood. Pausch theoretically believes that the purity in a childhood dream will provide radiating happiness in life, if achieved at some point in time, whether it be the exact dream or something relatively similar. This message is extremely unique and Pausch worked thoroughly to provide the reader a structured, easily delivered,

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