O Hare International Airport's Noise Complaints

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I. Summary The O’Hare International airport’s noise complaints “flew off the charts with more than 268,000 jet noise complaints in 2014” Rossi (2014). The cause of the influx in complaints is believed to stem from O’Hare’s 2013 flight path changes. Rossi also states that the noise comlaints “stretch as far east as the city’s 48th Ward along Lake Michigan. That’s 13 miles from the center of O’Hare” (2015). II. Problem With the sudden change in O’hare’s flight paths, none of the residents have had time to adjust resulting in many angry Chicagoans. Add the noise to the lack of sleep, and overtime its easy to see how many are fed up with the airport. III. Significance of the Problem Unwanted noise can lead not only complaints, but also law suits.…show more content…
Change the flight paths back to where they were originally. Basically starting over on the modernization project, in order to come up with a better plan for modernization of the airport. Advantages More than likely the noise complaints would decrease as well as the lawsuits against the airport. The local community would think better of its airport, as well as tourists which could lead to better reviews of the city. Disadvantages O’Hare International Airport would lose millions of dollars switching back to the old routes. Not only would they have to re-designate runways, they would also have to pay for a new plan in order to modernize the airport. Alternative Action 2. Keep the current flight path system and offer local residents sound proofing for their homes, as well as other sound omitting devices such as noise cancelling headphones. Advantages By showing the local community that they care, the airport may win back the hearts of some of the complainers. This option would be a cheaper alternative to redesigning the already new flight path system currently being used. Disadvantages The noise would still be occurring, and you can’t change everyone’s mind. There may be a reduced number of complaints but there would still be a substantial

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