The Influence Of The Israeli Army In Israel

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Combat is central to Israel’s very inception, so it is no surprise that the Israeli army is believed to be brilliant, and is an entity that Israeli’s take great pride in. After a long history of siege, the Jewish people knew that securing a Jewish state was a life or death situation. Without a homeland for the Jewish people and without a military force to protect that home, the future of the Jewish people was doomed. It was on those very principles and out of obvious necessity that the Israeli military forces were created and still serve as a cornerstone of Israeli life today. While originally the forces may have been seen as an underdog, the resiliency and pride of the Israelis, even while always under attack, made the Israeli military a force to be reckoned with.…show more content…
The Israelis worked endlessly to establish a peaceful homeland, but those surrounding them have had a mission to endanger them from the very start. When the British gained rule of Palestine, in the early 20th century, the Palestinian-Arabs were immediately against the Jewish settlement because they believed that it would result in the replacement of Arabs by the Jews and this threat that has continued to create terror even decades later. The Palestinian-Arabs would do anything to take down the Jews and anyone who stands behind them. As early as 1936, when the British were so frightened for the outbreak of wars after bloody riots, they quickly acted to appease Palestinian-Arabs, leaving the Jews to fend for themselves while directly in harms

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