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In the web magazine it talks about helicopter parents and the traits on both parents and children. Helicopter parents are parents that are always hovering among their children and overprotecting them from everything. There are various names for overprotecting parents; the ones mentioned in the article are, curling parents, lawnmower parents, and black hawk parents. The name, helicopter parents, came about in the 1990's by a psychiatrist names Jim Fay (Coste).The characteristics of helicopter parents and their children from an article titled, "Helicopter parents, their traits and the effects on their children," show that their parenting style has merits based on Baumrind's theory of "parenting style." According to the article, overprotecting…show more content…
The first one is that the parents are always intervening with their children's friends, grades, and if they have jobs, with their employers. When they come about this situation they argue of what they believe "to be unfair treatment in social and academic situations." The second trait is that the parents tend to do their children's projects and homework assignments. The third trait is when they feel embarrassed of their children's errors and they try to fix it and forget it ever happened. The next characteristic is when parents consider "love with success and accomplishment" to be the same. The following characteristic is when parents control their child's social life and keep track of phone calls and text messages. The last characteristic is when the fear for their children and just overprotect them by locking them up from the real world to prevent risk…show more content…
is a a development psychologist and she is fairly known for her theory of parenting styles. Baumrind D. created the theory that there are four parenting styles that expressed the way children operate socially, emotionally, and cognitively. The parenting style mentioned in the article connects to two of Baumrind's theories, Authoritative parenting and Authoritarian parenting. Authoritative parenting is when parents set certain expections for their children and they monitor their children's behavior and they discipline with reasoning and tell their children to make decisions so that they can learn from errors in life. Most important they treat their children with respect and love. Although authoritative parents do not over control their children like helicopter parents, they still do to a certain point. Authoritarian parenting is when parents demand obedience and they use physical discipline; children with these type of parents are often following others and are very moody (Greenwood). This is more like helicopter parenting, authoritarian parents desire a certain behavior from their children and they will do what ever to obtain it. Baumrind D. would think that this helicopter parenting is kind of like two of her theories and she would agree that there are helicopter parents and that this parenting style will effect the way some children function socially, emotionally, and

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