Arrogance And Pride In Homer's The Odyssey

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I’m just a human. Give me a break. Homer’s the Odyssey is an epic created between 900 and 700 BC. Originally sung before the Aeginans had a written language, The Odyssey is a method of story telling that has crossed over to become one of the main foundations (besides the Bible) of all other cultures‘ archetypes and stories, teaching important lessons to people for centuries. In this epic,Odysseus’ encounters,during his journey home, with monsters,women,and men exposes all mortal faults. Odysseus’ encounter with the cyclops,Polyphemus, reveals arrogance and pride. Odysseus meets Polyphemus,son of Poseidon (who does not like Odysseus),while sailing through the Land of the Cyclops. At first Polyphemus was hospitable to Odysseus and his men then he realizes the foreigners ate his beloved sheep. Enraged the one-eyed monster eats two of Odysseus’ men and imprisons the rest (including Odysseus). In order to escape the monster’s cave, Odysseus and his men get the monster drunk and then plan to kill him when he finally collapses. While intoxicated, Polyphemus asks him what Odysseus’ name is:…show more content…
(400-401) Once the mammoth Polyphemos is blinded by Odysseus and his men, he cries: Nohbdy, Nohbdy’s tricked me, Nohbdy’s ruined me! (444) Rather than leaving after his plan is successfully carried out, Odysseus reveals his actual name: Kyclops, if ever mortal man

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