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The documentary, God Grew Tired of Us, shows the life of three of the Lost Boys of Sudan. Their names include Panther, John Bul, and Daniel. At first the documentary shows the living conditions of the lost boys in the Kakuma refugee camp in Sudan. It also tells the audience the back story on why the boys had to leave their homes at such a young age. This changed their lives forever. Panther, John Bul, Daniel and a few lucky others get selected to move to the United States. Before they could get to the United States they had to do a lot of traveling. It was most likely the first time they had saw anything at all with electricity or traveled on a plane. They also had never had that kind of food, and didn’t know how to eat it. One ate butter right out of the wrapper…show more content…
The boys had to have a lot of culture shock going from a third world country, to the immensely industrialized U.S. The Government would pay for their bills, food, and apartment for three months. During this time the boys could settle in their new life and get everything around so they could get a job. The boys each had to get more than one job, sometimes even working three jobs. They continued to live in America, while visiting Africa every so often. They also all went to college and graduated with degrees. They stayed in touch with their old lives and culture. Functionalist Perspective says that culture will help people reach biological, expressive, and instrumental needs. The boys in the Kakuma refugee camp, their culture did everything they could to help each other out and make sure that they could survive. Even after the boys came to America, one of them was still trying to raise money for their tribe. They were still looking out for them and trying to help them meet their biological

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