Quagga Mussels Lab Report

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I feel that there was an increase and decrease because of the mussels being transported from one place to another place. There is also the fact according to the lab that fish would eat them. Therefore, that played a part in the decrease of their population. Some of the implication that is associated with this new discovery to the ecosystem is that they are causing major problems. They are clogging underwater infrastructures, costing taxpayers billions of dollars to fix the problems they are causing (http://seagrant.oregonstate. edu). They also strip nutrients away from nearly all the water in the lakes in a single day which turns the entire ecosystem upside down. The purpose of this lab is to track the effects of Zebra and Quagga Mussels…show more content…
Lawrence Seaway which open for travel of ships in 1959. Although, it took some years to discover this it was determined that the way they were transported was because the cargo ships had to ballast upward or downward by taking on water in order to offload or loaded up and travel through the waterways due to shallow water. Therefore, it is believed that ships carried the mussels from the Caspian and Black Sea region to the United States (http://seagrant.oregonstate.…show more content…
There is also the fact that Zooplankton as well as Phytoplankton is starting to decrease as well. Although, as the mussel population increases and decreases the Cladophora Biomass levels increases and decreases with it. Now due to the increase and decrease of the mussel Forging fish and Lake Trout population are also increasing and decreasing as well because of effects of them having to compete for food. Now after further review of the lab I have found that as the mussels are controlled and decrease other population start to recover and

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