The Importance Of Typography In Web Design

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10 Typography Rules to Improve your Web Design Project Typography is not just selecting the right font for your website rather it has a lot of things that are imperative for ensuring your website’s success. For instance, readability, content communication, alignment and visual hierarchy are all such features that covered under typography. An art of typography is one of the most basic skills that every designer should master, after all that is the thing that can break or make your website design. It is imperative for web designers to take care of all essential website elements in a well-organized manner. Here in this post we are going to discuss how you structure and implement typography in your web design. Check out a few must-follow typography…show more content…
If you are still unfamiliar with its concepts then it’s time to get in-depth knowledge about basic concepts and methodologies that you need to use in web typography. Make sure to know about the basic structure of typeface that involves specific jargon, precise measurement and general standards. Try to learn the basic principles in order to be aware of characteristics of the typefaces you select. Use Kerning with Care Kerning is all about adjusting the spacing between two letters or individual characters to make them visible or visually appealing. Most of the designers overlook this practice completely which shows a consistent lack of effort. By default, there is inconsistent letter spacing and in order to avoid it you must opt for kerning. Try to keep universal letter spacing as this will make your text easier to read for your visitors. Remember to focus on the negative space between the letters rather than focus on letters. It is recommended to make this space visually consistent throughout the phrase or word. Tracking Not to be confused with kerning and tracking both of them are little different from one another. Tracking is all about adjusting spacing between groups of letters or throughout entire word rather than individual…show more content…
Having a correct line-height is extremely crucial in order to ensure readability in your text. Reduced line height makes your text harder to scan, confuse and require more effort to the readers. Keep your line height at approximately 145- 150% of text size. Strong Visual Hierarchy If you want to keep a logical flow of web content, then it is essential to develop a strong visual hierarchy. You can modify the web content and for this you need to use large, bold headings for primary content and small headings for secondary content. Size is not the only way to describe hierarchy it also includes colors, weight and spacing. Text Alignment Alignment is no doubt an extremely crucial concept in typography. There are four different ways to align your text such as right, left, justified, asymmetrical and centered. You can use right aligned and centered text for headlines, quotes and captions. Be sure the left and right sides of your text are well-aligned so that the text appears in all browsers. No matter what alignment you prefer, it is better to be consistent throughout in web design. Go with Serif and Sans Serif

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