The Importance Of Sports Medicine In Frisco, TX

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If there is one thing our practice has noticed of late, it’s the growing need for sports medicine in Frisco, TX. We get it; sports-related injuries happen. Many of them can’t be avoided--but many of them can. It’s amazing what a little bit of patience or critical thinking can accomplish, so before you try to recreate the dunk of the century, take a look at your training habits to make sure your body isn’t at risk. Stretch You’ve heard it before. You’ve heard it a million times. But stretching never gets old-fashioned. The urge to simply lace up and hit the field is a strong one, but be sure you stretch your muscles carefully before physically strenuous exercise or you will run a high risk of injury. Don’t just stretch, either--you need to warm up, with a jog or some related activity, and then do a comprehensive stretch (we know, it takes patience). Conditioning…show more content…
This might sound obvious, but what we’re referring to isn’t simply the ability to run fast or jump high; it’s the time in the weight room working on muscles that don’t necessarily make you look better on the beach. Pitchers don’t simply hurl fastballs from a mound all day--they follow a strict regimen of pitcher-specific exercises and weightlifting that will prevent wear and tear. The fact that you can jump out of the gym doesn’t mean you are in great shape either. If you jump high but don’t properly condition your legs (thighs especially), the shock you absorb from landing will likely lead to patellar tendonitis (“jumper’s knee”) or something

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