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The Collection of Poems "Songs of Myself by Whalt Whitman present the reader with a way of looking at the individual "self" as having a integral and harmonious relationship with the whole or the totality of reality. He portrays nature in a unifying thoroughly interconnected light of spectacular interplay in which all things are intrinsically connected in some way or another to everything else in nature. Even though Whitman speaks in reference to himself throughout his poems his message conveys a larger significance that transcends the individual self as being isolated and obscure from its environment. It seems Whitman has constructed in his poem a feeling of underlying unity that the reader is drawn to discover in their own selves. Whitman…show more content…
Whitman is describing in this assertion not just himself but his relationship to the audience by invoking a common ground of being of the same collective origin. The certain dialogue and approach Whitman chooses in conveying the integration of his "self" in "Songs of Myself" are suggestive of Whitman's underlying desire to instill a sense of unity to the reader. His language and structure are geared toward achieving an element that can be related by all people. It seems as though Whitman was very much concerned that his message would be received by every type of person regardless of their beliefs or culture. To Whitman s his whole audience was part of the "self" that he was trying to unify. Through a non invasive approach to his dialogue his is able to assert expressions that's intent is felt but is not forced on the reader in a threatening manner that would deprive them of their discretion. The reader is presented the notion of unity Whitman's was trying to convey in a way that allowed them to feel as if they had discovered the idea themselves. For Whitman writes, "You shall no longer take things at second or third hand.... nor look through the eyes of the dead, nor feed on…show more content…
He desires that all sides can obtain the sensibility to realize the unified nature of their existence. Whitman's will to help bring the audience to experience a sense of union with each other and nature is apparent in his context and frame of reference. By encouraging the reader to see everyone and everything in a more comprehensive manner he invokes a feeling of being able to assimilate all the seemingly separate unrelated aspects of life. Whitman it seems wants to bring people together by destroying their sense of separation thereby taking the person to a mindset where they can feel a positive significance of their relationship with all things whether they be far or distant, similar or different . He encourages the reader to see that the essential unified nature of reality does not discriminate between people or things as he writes, "I harbor for good or bad, I permit to speak at every hazard, Nature without check with original energy"(Bearden-White 290). Whitman thinks that this awareness of underlying unity can provide people a outlook that has the tendency to bring peace and harmony to the collective. Although the differences among people are profound and can create a feeling of hopeless isolation the individuals outlook on the situation can affect the outcome of peoples relationships with each other. In

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