Disadvantages And Disadvantages Of Wireless Power Transmission (WPT)

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AbstractــــWireless power transmission (WPT) is the transmission of electricity from a power source to a load without any usage of any kind of electrical conductors or wires, the discussion here is about how energy can be transmitted as microwaves and methods of Wireless power transmission (WPT), History of Wireless power transmission (WPT), advantages and disadvantages . Index Terms: Wireless power transmission (WPT), microwaves generator, Rectenna, Solar power satellites (SPS), Electromagnetic induction , . I. Introduction The major challenges in power transmission though conductors and wires is the losses that occurs while distribution and transmission of electric power and the high cost of this wires and conductors used in transmission.…show more content…
The percentage of power lose during transmission and distribution can be approximated to 24%, the main reason for this inefficient during transmission and distribution is the resistance of wires or conductors. The efficiency can be improved to a certain level by using Gas-insulted substation (GIS) or Super-conductors that have the ability to conduct electricity with near-zero resistance [1]. But, the transmission is still inefficient For these reasons the above discussed problem can be solved by finding an alternative way for power transmission which can improve the efficiency, reduce the cost transmission. Wireless power transmission is one of the promising future alternative for more efficient power transmission and distribution, its poised to become the most revolutionary innovation. It would be safe to assume that this technology is new. That assumption however, would be incorrect. The demonstration of wireless electricity have been preformed over hundreds years ago. In 1899, Serbian engineer Nikola Tesla built a 187-foot-tall tower shown in figure…show more content…
Disadvantages : the capital cost for starting and implementation of Wireless power transmission is very high , and another disadvantage is the interference of microwaves with our own communication system, filed strength is sometimes unsafe . IV. Conclusions In Conclusion, This Concept of WPT offers greater possibilities for the future to reduce the cost and the losses, this technology could change the face of the planet, we can expect in the next few years that this technology is going to step to next level where you don’t need cables, wires or conductors to receive or send power. WPT is the

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