Case Study: Linton And Scoville

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The organizational culture lacked leadership. At different times the leadership needed to intervene and alleviate the situation. Effects of culture and structure on Benton: The culture and structure usually define the employees’ motivation and behavior. Both were not compliant with Benton as she was a kind of person who wanted to take initiatives, to learn and to contribute but both, the culture and structure restrained her from doing so which resulted in her frustration. How did Benton get into this mess? Benton’s Perception: Before Joining the House world, Benton carried a research of the company in order to learn as much as possible about it. Her findings made her perception that the company was in leading position in consumer specialized…show more content…
In this case Linton and Scoville lie in theory x category. Both were by nature aggressive and believed that people lacked the motivation to do work. Could Benton have done anything differently? There could be two different ways, she could have acted in order to avoid this situation Situation 1 The first preferable way was that she should have acted naturally. When she went to Linton to ask if Linton could assign her some work, she found Linton busy and left without doing anything. Where on the contrary she could have sent Linton an email asking her if she could spare some time. During that time Benton could have talked to Linton in detail and asked Linton to assign rigorous work to her. Moreover, she could have talked to Scoville the same way, she talked to him after 4 months telling him they needed to cooperate with each other. It’s evident that the talk produced positive outcomes and that Scoville’s behavior would improve in future. Same is the case with the photocopying incident. When she discussed it with Linton, She could have expressed her concerns explicitly. Additionally, I think she missed out the opportunity of expressing her concerns to Vermon when he asked her if she is facing any problems. That…show more content…
This was not a good approach. She could have conveyed the message in a manner that did not offend Linton. For instance she could have said that Scoville was a very cooperative and experienced person, that he was the one who guided her to learn in the beginning rather than contributing her recommendations directly to her boss, and she thought it made sense and therefore concentrated on her professional growth under Scoville’s guidance rather than participating directly in meetings. She could have said Now that she has learned from Linton that it’s in her own best interest to participate and contribute in meetings she would definitely actively participate in meetings. She could have mentioned that it was a productive session and would want to learn more from

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