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Rozal BBQ will operate a mobile food preparation vehicle (MFPV). It is a truck where food is prepared based on customer’s need while they wait. Usually, these customers do not have to wait for a very long time before getting their orders. Rozal BBQ is a large truck that is furnished with the basic kind of cooking equipment and suitably sells food. It is a business venture that has come to stay. Rozal BBQ guarantees that they meet the required food and drinks according to the city standard. Fulfilling the health rules and regulations, and let the health department inspector to do the random inspection at least once a year to check how to arranged the food and how are stored so that it does not spoil and it kept at the proper temperature. All…show more content…
The Rozal BBQ is noted as a ecofriendly business, as it will run mainly in cooking oil. Based on the market study for the demographic of the customers, being an ecofriendly is one of incentive for the customers to purchase to Rozal BBQ. Rozal BBQ is a general partnership that is owned and operated by Ana Marie Mendoza, Angela Rediron, Nessa Quereza, Amandeep Kaur, and NArinder Kaur. The objective of setting up of the Rozal BBQ is to take our different types of meals and soft drinks like smoothies, and fresh fruit juice, to wherever we can find our target market. It could be on the beach, picnic ground, sports complex, and even in a religious crusade ground. All our concerned is to offer good quality food and affordable price to our valued customers. Our goal is to build Rozal BBQ food truck business brand We are offering to our customers the chance to either purchase our packed foods or give their orders and we will prepare it while they are waiting. Although we are in food truck business , we have our physical facility that accommodated our administrative unit, kitchen and storage room. It’s a place where customers can come to make inquiries about our…show more content…
Product and Services Mobile food trucks may reflect idyllic conditions to produce outstanding food delicacies, nevertheless do not count out Rozal BBQ in their ability to deliver quality food products to meet customers satisfactions. Rozal BBQ truck will provide easy access to delicious BBQ cookery with an assortment of menu options. The assorted menu will entail snacks to full meals to non-alcoholic beverages. Food delivery will consist of cooking with stainless BBQ’s with attached flavored charcoal options. Here us your opportunity to see insights as to what Rozal BBQ will offer; • We vend lunch options (assorted meals) • We vend snacks • We vend assorted beverages (soft drinks, fruit juice, energy drinks) • We sell franchise opportunity • We offer to consult and train services Our Vision

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