Patient Monitoring Research Paper

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A SYSTEM FOR REAL TIME MONITORING AND IMPARTING EMERGENCY CIRCUMSTANCES Abstract—Now a days person health monitoring has been widely increased by combining the benefits of smart sensors, GPS and GSM technology. The system can detect critical situations with the person carrying the portable part of the system (e.g. critical heart rate) and send this information to the hospital so that appropriate action can be taken instantaneously. The information sent by the system to the hospital includes the current location of the person on the earth in the form of longitude and latitude. This location information makes the system support effective for the people for monitoring the individual's health. keywords: Remote monitoring,…show more content…
door sensor node at the main door of the house to detect entry and exit. Whenever there is some kind of abnormal situation such as opening/closing of door has been detected, this node sends that data to the data processing module. The function of Wearable sensor is same as Non-Wearable Sensor. Wearable sensor used in this paper are Blood pressure sensor, Heart rate sensor, Pulse Oximeter. These sensors sense the readings rate value of the patient. 3.2 LOCATION MONITORING MODULE The Location Monitoring module is nothing but the Global Positioning System ( GPS ). GPS is a system which is used to monitor the location. GPS module is connected to a satellite wirelessly. GPS receiver provides a solution high in position and speed accuracy performances and the capability of the sensitivity is very high and tracking capabilities in remote area as well as urban conditions is also high. If the GPS module is attached to a person it get the current latitude and longitude location of the person. 3.3 DATA PROCESSING…show more content…
A SIM900 module is used for sending SMS using AT commands. In this paper, we use four AT commands AT, CMGF, CNMI, CMGS. AT- Attention command which is used to connect with neat by network. CMGF- Creating new message. CNMI- Creating new Text message. CMGS- Adding phone number. The baud rate can be configured from 9600 to 115200 (recommended 9600). Once the message is send to the hospital and care taker, They take necessary action. 4 RESULTS AND DISCUSSION 4.1 GSM search: When the GSM module is activated for the first time it initially searches for the nearby tower to send the message to the hospital which is very important step . Because the critical condition of the person is notified to the hospital by sending a message to the hospital FIGURE.3 GSM search 4.2 GSM SYCHRONIZATION It is part of the um air interface specification. The purpose of the SCH is to allow the mobile station (handset) to quickly identify a nearby cell and synchronize to that BTS's TDMA structures. FIGURE.4

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