The IQ Test: How Smart Are You?

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The competitive nature found in the human race, has always made them bring up a commonly asked question, “How smart are you?” Alfred Bennet made the IQ test so people can find the true answer to this test. Another problem aroused after people started to take the test; the claim that the IQ test is racially bias and proved that whites and East Asians, were smarter than blacks. It brought up two really good questions, are East Asians, and whites really smarter than blacks, and if so why? Which started a lot of theories one being: Genetics determines how smart a person will be, and genetically blacks do not have as much European genes (the alleged intelligence gene) which makes them dumber. This outrageous myth claims to have solved why whites and East Asians have a higher IQ score than blacks. I believe that a person’s IQ score is determined and effected by a persons, 1. Environment, 2. Culture and history, and 3. Basic science.…show more content…
The IQ test has been claimed to be biased and based on middle-class values. Someone who grew up in a poor neighborhood, and has a parent who is not really involved in their school and never achieved much educationally will not have a high IQ score. Most of the time you will see that people who live in this type of environment does not take school seriously because their parents are too busy or their parents just don’t care. Also you will find that someone in a middle class is more likely to have a higher IQ, because their parents have good paying jobs that required some sort of education, and it is expected of you to get good grades, graduate and go to college. They say that success and intelligence is mainly based off “class” not
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