Thank You M Am, By Langston Hughes

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The short story, Thank You M'am, by Langston Hughes is about an evening encounter between Roger, a poor, desperate, and frail teenager, who attempts to steal a purse from a strong, large, and prepared old woman, Mrs. Jones, as she walks home late from work one night, and it demonstrates that occasionally when individuals are in a difficult circumstance they should trust others to help them when they genuinely need it. Furthermore in the literature, "The woman said,"You ought to be my son." I would teach you right from wrong...Are you hungry?"No'm,"said the being dragged boy."I just want you to turn me loose"(page 173). Because this is his first robbery that he has just attempted to an elderly woman and does not succeed, he's scared for what she'll possibly do, like take him to jail and is astonished when instead of being immensely angry at him for trying to mug her, she kindly offers him to come eat dinner at her house because…show more content…
Moreover, when they arrived at her home,Roger asks if she's going to take him to jail and she responds with telling him that he is not presentable to go anywhere and again offers him supper because of her perception that he's neglected and hungry and finally lets him go. Mrs.Jones states that he should go wash his face, leaves the door open, and finally it's his chance to run away from this lady, but "Roger looked at the door—looked at the woman—looked at the door—and went to the sink"(page 174). Slowly this teenager that’s not familiar with the idea of being trusted is beginning to trust her as person and a maternal figure.He could've easily ran and never looked back, but he saw that she sincerely wanted to help him. Also,after a few comments are exchanged by Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones, she turns around and begins to cook a meal for the two, she stops paying much attention to Roger, and leaves her purse out and the door wide open.
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