Rhetorical Analysis Of Where Has All The Water Gone By Maude Barlow

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Almost two-thirds of the Earth is water, and the world is running out of water to drink. The article “Where Has All the Water Gone?” which appears in The American Prospect, clarifies the issue that is currently gripping the world by storm. The American Prospect is a liberal political magazine, which publishes both online and in print quarterly. The author, Maude Barlow, is a Canadian author who has been part of various influential non-profit organizations dedicated to the environment such as Food and Water Watch. In addition, she has received countless recognitions and awards for her efforts to improve the environment such as the 2009 Planet in Focus Eco Hero Award, and the 2011 EarthCare Award. In her article, the author talks about the challenges the world is facing today regarding access to drinkable water, despite so much water available in the oceans.…show more content…
The audience will generally not take the word of any random individual, unless they can prove their words have merit using facts, examples, surveys, personal experience, or outside knowledge. For example, in this context, the audience is not fully aware of how dire the situation is as Barlow quotes the Worldwatch Institute in her article, “Water scarcity may be the most underappreciated global environmental challenge of our time” (Barlow paragraph 5). She appeals to the audience as she mentions that the water crisis is happening right now and how the pollution, population increase, and climate change is fueling the fire. Barlow also talks about the science of the hydrologic cycle, its current state due to human activities, with poor countries facing the worst. She further mentions how the politicians are ignoring the crisis at hand and that it is further keeping the common people in the dark, preventing additional improvement of the

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