Summary Of Jeff Parker's Back To School In A Connected Age

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In his cartoon "Back to School in a Connected age, Jeff Parker illustrates in color several people-- a women and young girl surrounded by five other young people -- - in the center of a room. The women is standing with her arms crossed over her torso with her body is slightly tilted to the left. The women has black hair and is dressed in green high heels, a turquoise skirt, a mint colored collared shirt and white earrings. To the women's right is a desk and a quotation bubble. To the left of the woman are white cursive letters on a green board along with pictures and an American flag hanging on the wall next to a window in the far left corner.The young girl standing to the left of the teacher has brown hair put up into a ponytail with her head facing to the right. She is wearing a pink shirt, pink shorts and white shoes with pink laces. The girl is holding a black…show more content…
The chalk board and desks in this cartoon visualize a classroom setting. The women is the teacher of this classroom. Which makes the younger people also in the room the students of this class. The five children that are seated at desks seem to be surrounding and facing their attention towards the young girl and teacher.Which in this case makes them the center of attention. The "Welcome Back to School!" chalk writing on the board sets the cartoons location at the beginning of a new school year. And with every new school year comes those "ice breaker" activities everyone has experienced. This cartoon represents a classroom activity where students are to tell the class about their summer. The teacher comments, "We don’t all follow you on Twitter, Kayla. So please just tell the class what you did during the summer...." this enacts the relationship shared between the technology and todays youth

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