Personal Narrative: Switching With My Mother

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Switching with my mom We were at a restaurant. I got mad and went to the bathroom. Mom and I read a fortune cookie at the same time and then we felt an earthquake. We weren't sure if anyone else felt it so we let it be. We finished our dinner and went home and went to bed. Mom- When I woke up I noticed i was in Camille's room. I was confused. I don't remember going to bed up here. Oh my gosh her rooms a mess. clothes on the floor, a bag of chips on her dresser, and her shoes are unorganized! Wait, why am I wearing shorts and a baggy shirt? I NEVER wear these. Maybe I just threw something on before I went to bed and just forgot. Ok, I'm just going to take a shower. “AAAAAH” Camille- Oh! i'm in moms bed! But why am i in a nightgown? weird… I'm going to the bathroom. WHY DO I LOOK LIKE MOM?! I ran…show more content…
this is so weird. I'm used to my phone being blown up. Oh yeah, this isn't my phone.” “Leah, can you give Mary her medication?” I jumped a little when the women called me Leah but I can’t blow my cover. “ Yeah, I can. ” I went over to Mary and tried to do what was asked.After about ten tries I still couldn’t get Mary to open her mouth so a fellow nurse helped. Dang this is hard! how does mom do this? She must have practiced with my sisters and I. Mom- THIS PHONE WON'T BE QUITE! Geez, she gets a lot of notifications. ANYWAY. I have to put the phone up it's time for class and apparently I’m not allowed to have my phone out. But this isn’t the problem. I don’t know how get to my first class. I guess I’ll have to just wing it and wander around until I find it. geesh this is hard. I finally found it! “ok class bring up google classroom” google what? Oh no, I forgot my chromebook. “Mr. doda, I forgot my chromebook. What can I do?” “ Well you can help others but you’ll have a lunch detention.”Oh my gosh.How does Camille do this.

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