The Four Social Responsibility Of The Monsanto Company

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In 1901, Monsanto Company started making artificial food additives. They made saccharine in place of sugar, vanilla to add flavor and other thing the create make food have a longer shelf life. The company created an herbicide that had Agent Orange included. In 1979, the herbicide was found to cause carcinoma. The company was plagued with lawsuits and settle for 180 million dollars. The company has four social responsibilities to uphold such as, economical, legal, ethical, and philanthropic (Thorne, Ferrell, & Ferrell, 2014). The first social responsibility is economical responsibility. The book teaches every student that every company is in business to make a profit. The company has to make a product that a consumer…show more content…
The company has to follow the rules and regulations set by the government. Monsanto has to keep correct and complete records for tax reporting purposes. The legal responsibility means to comply with all rules for employees, government compliance and environmental safety (Thorne, Ferrell, & Ferrell, 2014). The third social responsibility is ethical responsibility. The company has a responsibility to the stakeholders to create a positive image for the company so it has a positive reputation. Ethical responsibility is being responsible to do what is morally and legally right for the company. Everything legal is not ethical and everything unethical is not illegal (Melvin, 2011). The forth social responsibility is philanthropic responsibility. A company that gives back to the community as some sort of charity is philanthropic. A company that develops better eco-friendly product is a great start. Employee that do charity work or charitable donation to things like Cancer research or Autism is consider taking part in making a better place for…show more content…
The website delivers the company history. Therefore, each employee knows the longevity of the company to which they are requesting employee. The employee is given the company policies and procedures from the website. The employees can find the hierarchy information as well as the contact information for thee headquarters (Monsanto, 2002-2014). The Monsanto website is built for the customer. The consumer is given the history of the company. They are allowed to see the product line and as well as the new products to come. The website shows the company event calendar and roll out dates. Another great thing for the customer is the research and development tab, product stewardship and product safety information. These are all things that would make a consumer feel comfortable with buying product from Monsanto (Monsanto,

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