The Evolution Of The Bicycle Essay

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The Evolution of the bicycle The wheel has been utilized and implemented as a key part of many other inventions since the dawn of time. Looking into specifically transportation, one of the earliest implementations of the wheel was the bicycle. The bicycle was first invented in 17th century France as a way for people to travel to a destination much quicker than walking, and much cheaper than taking a carriage, the only two methods of transport for this time period. Over time though, with changes to the design and expansions into more fields of use, the bicycle has become a much more expansive and practical piece of equipment. The bicycle, first invented as a means of transportation, has evolved into so much more than its original intention, it has become a platform in which people can use to…show more content…
Many people might use the excuse that they don’t have time to integrate exercise into their lifestyle, but one simple way to incorporate it is by commuting to work or school by bike. A study done by a group of science doctors from around the world found that working-age men and women that regularly commute to work on bicycles had better overall cardiovascular performance than those who didn’t. In the same study, it was found that children aged ten years old who biked to school had a sixty percent increase in fitness rating over their classmates who took other forms of transport. People who commute by bike exemplify the very essence of the evolution that cycling has gone through. Using cycling for the purpose of commuting takes the original intention of the bicycle and adds a new age component of exercise. Though exercise has been subconsciously implemented in the use of a bicycle since it’s invention, it is the proactivity in committing to a healthy lifestyle that the cyclist takes which sets apart new age commuting from old age

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