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One day over the weekend, I was flipping through the pages of one of my textbooks when something caught my attention. I turned back a few pages, and read a title that said, “Women Don’t Ask”by Linda Babcock and Sara Laschever. The article dates back to the year of 2003. The article had interesting title, written by a woman so I automatically began to read the article thinking it was going to be feministic. The author, Linda Babcock, is the director of the Ph.D program at Carnegie Mellon University. She ran into a problem with her female graduate students. Her girls was not negotiating for better paying jobs, meanwhile her male students were getting all the high paying jobs. Something was terribly wrong. It turns out, the female graduate students of Carnegie Mellon University were having issues asking for the money.…show more content…
Linda asked herself, “Why aren’t my girls getting the teacher jobs?” She went to the Dean’s office since the Dean handles all the teaching assignments. She asked about the women’s complaint and received a simple answer. The Dean said, “I try to find teaching opportunities for any student who approaches me with a good idea for a course, the ability to teach, and a reasonable offer about what it will cost.” Then he went on to explain, “More men ask. The woman just don’t ask.” Linda was overly stunned by his comment. She sat back and thought about why this was. Maybe women don’t receive things they want because they don’t ask. Are there external pressures that discourage women from asking? Is it due to a dominant species

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