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The Endless Steppe This story starts in 1941 and ends in 1946. The Endless Steppe by Esther Hautzig is an autobiography about a young girl (Esther) and how she survived World War ll with her family. Esther is from Poland and she loves it there very much. But one day two Russian soldiers came to their door and took Esther and her family away. They were taken to Siberia to work in mines and fields. Esther also goes on about how the Poland's people get sent to a village because of an amnesty was given at the joint request of the Polish government (Hautzig 73). Esther Hautzig has many topics such as her life in Vilna, Poland , how she and her family are taken to Siberia, and how she and her family survived in Siberia. Esther lives in…show more content…
Svetlana didn't like Esther because Esther had long beautiful hair. One day Esther cut her hair so she could fit it and Svetlana started talking to Esther more and became best friends. Nina told them that they were going to have a baby so Esther and her family had to pack up and move. They found new quarters with two Dour sisters and a little boy. While their stay with the sisters and the little boy Esther's father goes missing for two days. After the two days, Esther's father returns and explains that a N.K.V.D agent questioned him for many hours and asked him to spy, to spy on the Polish people and report on their activities but he refused. After a while the family decided to move to a house of their…show more content…
Esther and her family were very happy that they got to have their own house and not have to share it with anyone. After a while Esther's father receives a letter informing him that he will have to join the war against the Germans in the front line. Esther's mother saw Esther's father off the next day. Life was hard without her father, so Esther started sewing so she, her mother, and grandmother have something to eat. But that didn't stop them from hoping to go back to their hometown in Poland. They received a letter from Esther's father saying that the war was over and that he was going to go back to Vilna to find them a home. They were very excited to hear the news, they even got a letter telling them that they could go back to Vilna the following spring. They spent their last winter in Siberia and got on the first train back to Vilna, Poland. When they got to Vilna tears fell down their face because of how happy they were. Esther's father greeted them when they got to Vilna and they went to their new home in Vilna, Poland. Esther went through a lot, she saw the differences between living as a rich kid in Vilna, Poland to a poor kid in Siberia. In Vilna she had a beautiful house she lived in with her family. But then soldiers took Esther and her family away from that beautiful place to a cold, hot, scary place she was not familiar with. Even though it was an unfamiliar place Esther and her family managed to cope with the

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