Comparison Between Mentos And Diet Coke

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For my experiment, I chose to test the hypothesis that Mentos will cause diet coke to foam and explode into a fountain. The classic myth was the topic of discussion in science class during middle school, which is why I found the topic to be very interesting. In order to conduct the experiment, a few supplies were necessary. The objective for conducting the Mentos and diet coke experiment is to determine whether or not Mentos causes the diet coke to have an explosive reaction. During my experiment I also included other ingredients and added them to the diet coke to test if they would cause a reaction or not. To begin with, the main supplies needed for the experiment were, a six pack of sixteen ounce diet coke in a plastic bottle, and Mentos, which I had to buy from the nearest Walmart. The secondary supplies needed were jalapenos, small rocks, popcorn, and olive, which were used to determine an absence of the diet coke exploding into a fountain. The secondary supplies were all found in my household. The first method I used to conduct the experiment began with the method of difference. For the method of difference I picked two diet cokes and named them in order to avoid any confusion. I named the bottles Chris and Sue. I began by adding the secondary supplies to both of the diet coke bottles which…show more content…
For this method I named six diet cokes with random names and repeated the same process. I added the one jalapeno, one small rock, one olive, one popcorn to all of the six bottles, which had no effect on the diet cokes. After that, I proceeded to add four Mentos to only four of the six diet cokes. The four diet cokes I added the Mentos to all resulted in an explosion. I created a joint method chart, which helps to identify that Mentos was the cause for the explosion in the four diet coke

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