The Elemental Blood: A Short Story

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Rain pelted his body like bullets. No one was on the street, to Dedrick’s relief. What he was holding in his hand was probably illegal; a vial slippery from his sweat and the rain water. The tape, half scraped off from his vain attempt to hide his secret finding a little longer, hid the liquid inside even though it was scribbled onto it. The legendary storm-blood that destroyed the old world and allowed the new one to be built in a century was in his hands. He heard a vehicle rumble down the street. He turned quickly, his black hair fluttering then plastering itself to his head, and then he ducked into an alley. His heart rammed against his ribs as if it wanted to run away. A truck slowly peeled into view of the alley. Suspicious icy blue…show more content…
It would probably break in a few hours due to the rain, but that was the least of his problems. The remote part of the city was coming into view quickly. Dedrick’s lungs ached from overexertion, but he couldn’t stop. No one could know about the Elemental Blood he was about to inject. Elemental Blood, a scientifically engineered blood that was passed down through genetics. Only six of them existed, all of them related to Earth elements; fire, wind, water, earth, stone, and ice. Stone- and ice-blood was a product of less effective earth- and water-blood, but they had their own strengths. Each blood had their own powers related to their names; fire-bloods could control and conjure fire, water-bloods did water, wind-blood did wind, and so on. Everyone in the three remaining Sectors had one type. The only way to tell what powers someone had was their eye color, though sometimes that wasn’t entirely accurate. Water had dark blue eyes while ice had light blue eyes that consistently looked icy. Earth only had dark brown eyes, while wind had hazel or light brown. Fire had unnaturally warm colors like amber or yellow, which were usually creepy. Stone had light gray eyes that were usually tinted with whatever color they’d get from…show more content…
Water had dark blue, ice had light blue, wind had white, fire was orange, earth was green, and stone was a light gray. It was possible to reverse the effects with a drug called the Reverse, but it was usually one of the major punishments for breaking a big law like leaving the Sector without permission or killing somebody. The Reverse turned the blood back to red and powerless like how everyone was born. Dedrick was unlucky. He didn’t have any yet while everyone had the blood. The powers didn’t show up until they turned thirteen, but Dedrick’s fourteenth birthday was in four months and he hadn’t received his. It was also impossible to figure out which one he was going to get because of his eye color; green. No matter how much Dedrick wanted it, his blood would never come naturally. That’s why he broke into the Leader’s office, attempting to sneak himself into the Ceremony, but instead he found a blood he didn’t know still existed; storm-blood. He’d heard that the man who created bloods engineered the blood for himself to keep his life’s work alive. In the process, the world was changed. Land was washed over, billions died, and society had to start

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