Amicalola Falls Research Paper

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Today I’m on a journey, a journey where I’m walking up Amicalola Falls. While walking, I looked at all of the beautiful flowers and all of the bumblebees. I never realized before the outside was so pretty. Even though the sight was exquisite, all of a sudden I felt a sharp sting on my arm. Of course I didn’t pay attention to it, I was too caught up in all of my sight seeing to even bother looking. But then, the same type of sting appeared on my arm again, not just in the same spot, but everywhere. It started aggravating me so I decided to take a look. I looked at my arm and I saw a mosquito getting ready to bite down once again, with its petite fangs. Right before it bit me, I smacked it so hard I had a small bruise on my arm. I looked again

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