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Due to the lack of communication from the duvitches Andy’s concluded that the “duvitches probably wished to be left alone” (Flack 3). However, Andy’s “father disagreed” (2) to these remarks and did not discontinue to associate with the Duvitches. When Andy and Tom arrived at Durston pond and found the Duvitches there, they “ignored the Duvitch boys” (5) like the townsfolk. On the other hand, their “father went up to Mr. Duvitch… and put out his hand” (5). After Mr. Duvitch presented Andy’s father with a pair of mittens, he remarked “No doubt one of the boys resurrected them from a heap of ashes in the dump” (17). But then added “Why should I value them any the less” (17). “(Andy’s) Father was the only man on Syringa Street who tipped his…show more content…
His friendly interaction contradicts the usual behavior the Duvitches receive from others in town. In order to teach the boys a lesson about respect their father orders them “off the land… out on Durston’s Pond. ‘And you are not to come back… until you’ve caught sixty-one to repay Mr. Duvitch” (8). Even though, the duvitches are treated like scum in the town he still rules with an iron fist which may oppose what others would have done in his situation simply because the prank was against the Duvitches. This becomes clear as some visitors “berated him” (10) because of his harsh discipline. To make things right with the Duvitches he orders his sons to catch sixty-one fish which results into them suffering 24 hours “in the clouds of mosquitoes and under the broiling sun” (12) without hesitation like an “executioner” (8). After Andy and Tom came back from fishing “turned lobster-red, fairly devoured, famished and drooping from lack of sleep” (11), their father “received them coolly, making no comment on our (Andy and Tom’s) condition” (11) and said “We will restore to Mr. Duvitch his rightful property”

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