Lions Vs Cheetahs

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Cheetahs and lions are the most amazing and fascinating mammal predators on Earth. Both show similarities in their behavior, the techniques they use, and the types of preys to kill. Although other cats share almost the same characteristics, there are still remarkable differences between these two felines that makes them spectacular and interesting. Both show similarities in their behavior, the techniques they use, and the types of preys to kill. Cheetahs are the fastest mammals on the planet, live in group of three or four individuals. The mother trains the cubs in a form of games to teach them to hunt their own preys and takes care of them until they are two years old and they are fit to survive; then the time comes when they leave their mother to…show more content…
Lions live in groups of even a dozen of individuals and in the same way teach their cub in a funny like session.but lioness are generally the ones in charge of hunting. The role of a male is to protect the pride, mating, and help when a prey is big and a powerful paw is required.When sharing the kill they usually fight and roar and the leader eats first. Lions mark their territories with urine to warn other predator to keep away. Cheetahs are so fast that can reach in one sprint a speed of 90 kilometers in three seconds but they cannot hold that speed for a long time and such speed requires tremendous amount of energy. They, like lions have also a characteristic called keen eye sight in which the predator evaluate the size,type and weakness of a prey and the right environment to be successful when hunting. They approach surprisingly to the prey to be in a close and possible range; when the prey starts to run, during the chase these predator try to knock it down using their retractile nails then they bite the neck to kill it by suffocation. Contrary to cheetahs lions scatter,take different positions and take turns to chase the prey if

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