The Decline Of America's Soft Power Summary

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America must maintain relations with nations throughout the world. To do this America must influence nations to see its values, ideas, and government are legitimate. This happens through the power of diplomatic relations. In Joseph Nye’s article, The Decline of America’s Soft Power, he refers to this diplomatic relations as “soft power”. The article defines soft power as a countries ability to attract others by the legitimacy of policies and the values that underlie them (Nye, 2004). He also states the U.S. soft power is in decline. I feel this is not true. Since America became a super power there have been those who do not agree with its policies and procedures. Whether it is out of ignorance, jealousness, or hate there will always be those that disagree with America’s…show more content…
Although it may appear this way through watching the biased media, it is not. America maintains a strong relation with many of the countries in the world and continues to build more. They do this with providing aid, money, and military assistance. Let’s face it money talks and it can help build relations with other countries. The military is a big one too. Providing military assistance to countries, either training or humanitarian, has built many relations with countries throughout history. Nye mentions that America needs to become more aware of cultural differences and uses Muslim countries as examples. This is where I really disagree with him. Obviously he didn’t do his research on cultures of those regions. Most of the governments in those regions only understand 2 things, power and money. They are some of the most corrupt governments in the

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