St. Porkers: A Short Story

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Once upon a time there was a mouse named Stuart who was a lot smaller than all of the other animals, not to mention that he was the only mouse in the entire school. Stuart attended St. Porkers, which is a prestigious school known for their athletic pigs and outstanding P.I.G. test scores. Stuart moved to St. Porkers because his mother got transferred to a different city for her job. When Stuart heard that he would have to go to a different school and leave all of his friends he was devastated, and so were his friends, so he decided to have one last sleepover. They all rode the bus to Stuart’s house after school with their sleeping bags. The next day they said their goodbyes and left. When they got to their new home Stuart saw some pigs playing basketball.…show more content…
The next day he woke up and looked outside his window to see who was playing. It was everyone who was playing yesterday, so he rushed upstairs to put on his shoes and get his ball. By the time he got back downstairs a storm had came over the courts and everyone had went back inside. He then decided to get ready for his first day of school at St. Porkers. He first got his backpack and put all of his new notebooks and folders in. After that he got his favorite outfit and got it ready for tomorrow morning. Then he ate dinner and went to bed. The next morning his mother woke him up and he got ready for school. As his mother left for work he walked to the bus stop. He was very nervous about riding the bus. “What if nobody wants to sit with me,” he thought. “What if no one talks to me,” he said. As he saw the bus coming down the street got even more nervous. Finally the bus pulled up to the

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