The Crucible's Killings In The Salem Witch Trials

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Your Honour, today we are here for one reason only, to give a name, a reputation, a positive face to every single person who was maliciously murdered in the Salem witch trials that occurred in Massachusetts 1692. The killings occurred as a direct repercussion from the town’s people valuing their reputation over their integrity which lead to hysteria, and once these two joined, intolerance took over the town and the court. I am standing before you today, to prove that the people of that repressive society, did not commit the crime that they have been accused of. For example, Abigail Williams, she’s egocentric and misleading in everything that comes out of her mouth[HJ1] . She knows the power she holds and uses it to her own agenda and greediness.­­­­…show more content…
Your Honour, there is one main person who thrives from this obnoxious fear that spreads through the town. And as you may know, her name is Abigail. The hysteria that spread through the town like the black plague was the formidable sin of witch craft. She uses the religious fervour to get her way which is what helps fuel the hysteria. These range from screaming in the Parris’s house to the court, mimicking the actions of Abigail. And the fabricated accusations they made during this time just created the hysteria. Soon it was community wide. Citizens became overwhelmed with fear and hysteria that logic and individual thought were non-existent. This was mainly seen through Tituba and Mary Warren. Your Honour, Tituba, a slave from Barbados…black in skin tone, an outsider, she was the first of many to be called out for summoning spirits upon citizens. Why? Purely due to her race, social status, gender and ethnicity. Then Mary Warren, a servant to the Proctors and a member of Abigail’s “group”. Towards the end we find out that she went to the church wanting to do well in the town but intimidated by the hysteria that was brought in by Abigail. All that mattered was living another day, month or year. This made her falsely accused by Elizabeth and John Proctor. [HJ2] This is blatant black and white evidence to prove that these people did not commit these crimes that they died

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