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When you think of a goddess, you will most likely picture a beautiful woman with long, flowing hair and a beautiful, white toga. Well you might want to think again. Eris is not your typical goddess. Being the goddess of strife, chaos, and discord, she is not liked by everyone. In fact, she adores human bloodshed, has many myths about her family, and even started the Trojan War. Eris loves starting wars. She loves getting humans to fight and creating madness. She appears like a goddess who is evil to the core, but this is not true. When Eris creates wars between humans, the wars have a possibility of ending out well. If the war was over rights of slaves or women, and the side fighting for the rights won, the outcome would be positive overall. Because of her ability to do goodness, Eris is known for having two sides. One causes mischief, The Goddess of Strife and the other stirs up the idle in toil, The Spirt of Discord. Eris’s symbol is the golden apple, due to the myth of her…show more content…
To some, she is the daughter of Nyx alone and to others she is the daughter of Zeus and Hera. This is most likely because Homer, a famous poet, called Eris a “sister” of Ares, the god of war. People assume that this means like Ares, her parents are Zeus and Hera. Homer could have meant that she was a close friend of Ares, similar to a sister. If Eris was the daughter of Nyx, she would have had thirteen siblings who were all death spirits. Similarly, Eris herself has fourteen children, but there was no father, because no one loved her. It is said in the Theogony, a poem book about the Greek god and goddesses’ origins, “But abhorred Eris bare painful Ponos, Lethe and Limos and tearful Algos, Hysminai also, Makhai, Phonoi, Androctasiai, Neikea, Pseudologoi, Amphilogiai, Dysnomia, and Ate all of one nature, and Horkos who most troubles men upon earth when anyone wilfully swears a false

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