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Tracks What is a track? A fossil track is the track that is directly caused by the foot of the dinosaur. It needs to be in an area where the soil is slightly moist but not moist enough for it to fill back in. It needs to stay undisturbed long enough for it to dry in to a fossil. In areas where fossil tracks are found then more tracks are common, because of the conditions needed to make one will help to make more. Also, the conditions between trace fossil and body fossil fossilization make it odd for tracks to be found near each other. Parts of track Tracks can be measured as a whole or in parts. A track can be split into a few parts; they are the toes, arch, and heel (Thulborn, 1990)). A common theropod has three tracks, a small arch, and a heel near the base coming to a point. The parts of the tracks can be measured and then compared for easy identification of the dinosaur that made it (Thulborn, 1990)). Fossilization of tracks. A fossil track requires a special type of fossilization, because it has no actual part of the dinosaur in it. A fossil is only an impression, with nothing hard inside of it to fossilize around. Because of this difference in structure a track has to be fossilized very carefully. For a track to fossilize then it needs a soil, or substrate, that is not too moist yet moist enough to take an impression.…show more content…
An undertrack is a poorly taken track. They can range from identifiable as a track or nothing but a circular indents in the ground. They can be caused by erosions or poor track making conditions (Graversen, Milàn, & Loope, 2007). Erosion can take a very well preserved track and solely wash it down to only an imprint left behind. It can rub a track into the outline of an impression leaving only a set of rings. The other way an undertrack can be made is if it was taken in poor conditions. They can include an area with little moisture making the ground hard, or a lot of moisture making the soil flow back into the track (Milàn,

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