Hills Like White Elephants Tone Analysis

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Both symbolism and tone play huge roles in the whole story of “Hills Like White Elephants.” Without understanding the symbolism throughout the story then you wouldn't even understand what this story is about. To be honest I didn't figure out that this couple was discussing an abortion until reading into the story and looking up what the symbolism meant. Symbolism is not the only thing that is important, tone plays a huge role. The tone shows the tension between the couple, in the beginning they were happy but when they began discussing the abortion it got more solemn and depressing. Elements of fictions help support the writer throughout their stories not only to support their themes, but also to get the reader interested and involved in the story. Symbolism is shown many times during “Hills Like White…show more content…
It also helps support the theme of the story. For example, in “Hills Like White Elephants,” an important theme throughout the story is communication and how it is very hard for this couple to communicate to one another. Yes they do talk to each other, but from this one conversation you can tell there are deeper problems in their relationship, not just the pregnancy. After the girl says this, “I wanted to try this new drink. Thats all we do, isn't it - look at things and try new drinks?” (Hemingway, 229), you know the girlfriend feels like the boyfriend is constantly trying to avoid actually communicating. This relationship is obviously not going anywhere because they obviously want different things in their lives, which is pushing them away from each other. All elements of fictions when put together create this theme and shows the reader the problems going on in the couple’s relationship, without even showing all of the problems between the two of

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