Christopher Boone's Journey

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Christopher Boone was not one to abandon things he starts; finding the person who killed his neighbor’s dog, despite the multiple warnings he had received, was no exception. Christopher’s initial mission was to find the dog’s murderer. Nothing would have ever prepared him for the underlying mystery that would soon reveal itself. Throughout the story, Christopher was forced to face his conflicts no matter how difficult it seemed. The result of overcoming said struggles showed that the battle was definitely worth fighting. Written as a murder mystery for a school assignment, Christopher chronicled his misadventures through a series of chapters labeled with prime numbers and some of his favorite logical anomalies sprinkled throughout. Readers…show more content…
The journey, of course, is the most difficult part of everyone’s battles. After thinking it through, Christopher concluded that he needed to get out of the house as soon as possible, because “[his father] had murdered Wellington. That meant he could murder [Christopher], because [he] couldn’t trust him, even though he had said ‘Trust me,’ because he had told a lie about a big thing.” (Haddon, 122) This led to the quixotic thought that he would travel to London to stay with his mother; this was the journey. The decision Christopher makes shows his character development, in which he makes a bold choice that subconsciously acts as an effort to get over his fears. When Christopher sets off to voyage miles away from his familiar home of Swindon, England, it acts as yet another example to further look into his neurotic mindset. While Christopher has unconventional ways of dealing with the anxiety he develops when in an unfamiliar location or situation, he does his best to push through the setbacks he encounters. In this part of the novel especially, his key traits are highlighted: his observant nature (noticing most things other people wouldn’t care to notice), his film-like memory (which proved to be especially helpful in recalling facts for his story and in solving the mystery), finding solace in order (like in police officers and timetables), his reliance on math problems when confronted with complicated situations (as he is a logical and math-oriented person), and his honesty (simply because he does not like to lie). After the trip of his life, Christopher reached his destination in London. Mr. Shears was not happy to see him, but Christopher’s mother was insistent and let him stay. Christopher made himself at home, and, although uncomfortable, tried to sort things out in the comfort of his own mind. Throughout the duration of Christopher’s

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