Advantages Of The Civil War Essay

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Advantages The North Had Over The South Before The Civil War. Helen Berry Georgia Military College The year of 1860 In the United States was a very unstable time. During this Abraham Lincoln is nominated as the United States 16th President. This was followed by South Carolina becoming the first of several states to secede from the Union because the stance President Abraham Lincoln took on slavery. There were major conflicts going on such as how much control the federal government should have over the states, industrialization and trade. These conflicts along with certain significant events forced the already unstable country to point break and lead us to the Civil War. Before the war had started though the North had already…show more content…
The south had more proven war veterans that had been in battle before. This advantage of the south still wasn’t enough to confront the fact that the Union had more of the thing they needed more, soldiers. Before and during the Civil War, approximately seven out of every eight immigrants settled in the Northern states. The American population nearly doubled during this time. Nearly 21 million people lived in 23 Northern states. The South claimed just 9 million people including 3.5 million slaves in 11 confederate states (U.2007). The significant number of people meant a big militia more people to work in their growing industrial field. The north took it upon themselves to also free slaves with the allowance to serve in the army making the population of the army grow by an additional 200,000 men. The greater population meant more motivated souls focused on the defeat of the Confederacy. When it came down to men of fighting age, the Union had the edge by about two to one. The large population also meant the North had more soldiers to replace fallen soldiers on the battle field. The population not serving in the army still helped provide weapons, food, and clothing for the soldiers to help maintain a strong military. The Union had an estimated 2.6 million troop made up of approximately 2.4 million whites soldiers, 170K African American soldiers and 3K Native American troops. The dominance of the Unions numbers proved to be the one of biggest advantages of the Civil

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