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Sean Hurley- Outline Michael Cardona- Art Work The Catechumenate is a baptismal preparation for converts from around the second century into the fourth and fifth centuries. There are many steps in this process, and it would take two to three years. The first thing the person desiring to become Christian needed to do was find a sponsor, someone who was already Christian that would vouch for and help the person through the entire process. Forty days before the baptism the final preparation took place, which would later evolve into lent. This portion of the preparation consisted of intensive instruction, prayer, fasting, liturgies involving the candidates and the community led by the bishop. The final step is the Easter Vigil, the only time…show more content…
Ritual of Bathing on Holy Thursday 2. Days of Fasting on Good Friday and Holy Saturday 3. Litany of Saints: A formal prayer to the Triune God, Blessed Virgin Mary, Angels, Martyrs, Saints, and to God. 4. Blessing of the Water 5. Renunciation of Sin: At the beginning of the ceremony, candidates stretched out their arms, faced west, and denounced Satan. They then turned to the east and shouted their attachment to Christ. This marked their spiritual conversion. 6. Anointing with the Oil of Catechumens: The candidates went to a room with a pool, stripped off their clothing, and oil was poured over their head. 7. Profession of Faith: A prayer where the candidate professes his/her faith. 8. Rite of Baptism: The candidates stepped down into the waist-high pools, and one by one the bishop submerged the candidates three times, in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. 9. Rite of Confirmation: When the candidates emerged from the water, the bishop anointed them with oil. 10. Clothing with the White Garment: After the Rite of Baptism and Confirmation, the candidates put on new white linen robes that signified new life. 11. Presentation of the Lighted Candle: Candidates were embraced in a sign of peace and welcome and were handed a lighted

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