The Catcher In The Rye Loneliness Analysis

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The loneliness of locations of J.D. Saliger The Catcher In The Rye Holden travels to many different locations for his desire to connect with other people, to fill a lonely spot inside of him. A location that stands out to Holden is his Pencey Prep school where this all started. In the beginning Holden refuses to apply himself, and after failing four of his five subjects he passed only English and he has been forbidden to return to the school after the fall term. “They kicked me out, I was flunking four subjects and not applying myself and they gave me frequent warning to start applying myself especially around mid terms”(4). Holden is really immature he got kicked out and he didn’t even seem worried he’s not applying himself. Holden becomes…show more content…
“It was even depressing out in the street you couldn’t even wear any cars any more I got feeling so lonesome and rotten I even felt like waking up Ackley” (50). Holden has very few friends at Pencey prep school he is a jerk to people but he thinks he’s not being a jerk to them and he calls them morons or a flit. People get annoyed of Holden and just ignore him. Holden felt like waking up Ackley because he needs someone to talk to even though Ackley is really annoying. Holden had a really lonely childhood and he was most lonely at Pencey Prep school this location symbols his…show more content…
“I was getting pneumonia, with all those hunks of ice in my hair, and that I was going to die I felt sorry as hell for my mother and father especially my mother, because she still isn’t over my brother Allie yet. As Holden walks through the pond the pond reveals his manic behavior he is upset and miserable at the memory of Allie’s death. He use to go with his parents to the cemetery but he stopped accompanying them because he didn’t enjoy seeing him in that crazy cemetery. The duck pond helps to explain Holden’s preoccupation with the pond and establishing it as one of The Catcher In The Rye key symbol’s Allie is gone forever, and Holden does not believe in afterlife. The Central Park was a part of Holden’s life he went there as a kid roller skating and on his bike it revealed to him a lot of things in his

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