Telev Schulman's Catfish: Bianca & Armani

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Reality Television has reached new levels as the years have gone by, and despite of those who have protested at its lack of enlightenment many people choose to spend their evening unwinding with their favourite reality television show. This genre of television is one that focuses on documenting real life situations in a seemingly unscripted way. Reality television features the same story each week and almost always follows the same basic narrative. One of the main features of the genre is that they include “ordinary people or situations” (Price, 3, June 2010, Page 451). In most cases, these people are often those who are going through hardships and may be in need of some kind of help. This ranges depending on the subject matter of the show.…show more content…
This basic narrative however, makes for easy watching. In both, “Bianca & Brogan” and “Harold & Armani”, the same narrative is used and the elements that occur in the show are stable throughout the majority of the episodes. The show opens with the co-hosts, Nev Schulman and Max Joseph reading the email sent to them and then Skyping with the seemingly innocent ‘victim’ for the episode, in this case, both Bianca and Harold in each episode. They fly to their hometown, where they listen to their story, which is always applicable. The two co-hosts then run reverse image searches in the likes of solving the mystery. Eventually after convincing the ‘Catfish’ to meet their love of their life; they meet. Despite the seemingly basic narrative that repeats through the episodes, the outcome of the interaction always varies. What does not change however, is the reasoning behind the “Catfishers” motives comes from the same ideas. In both episodes noted, the outcome of the confrontation between the catfishee and the catfisher is negative, with Brogan and Armani in each episode not being the person they said they were and this, more often then not is the general

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