Analyzing The 'Hypnos Son Of The Night'

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Who is the Greek god of sleep? What importance does this god have and what does he do? The Greek god of sleep is Hypnos, the son of the Night (Nyx) and the Darkness (Erebus). He assisted Hera in the Trojan War. This god makes others sleep using tons of stuff. Even though this god gets unnoticed sometimes, he is a key god to Greece. Hypnos is a powerful god that can make anyone sleep. His parents are Erebus, the god of darkness and Nyx, the god of the night. He is described as a gentle young god or an evil twin with his brother Thanatos, the god of peaceful death. His other brothers and sisters are hateful Moros (Doom), black Ker (Violent Death), Momos (Blame), painful Oizys (Misery), and the Hesperides. Also the Moirai (Fates) and…show more content…
He lived in the underground with Hades, working with his twin, Thanatos and his mother, Nyx. He made all men go into slumber with his horn with the opium. One day, Hera appeared to Hypnos and asked him to put Zeus to sleep, so she can torment Heracles ( Hercules). He agreed and when Zeus found out, he had to hide with his mother to make Zeus not angry at him. Later, Thanatos and Hypnos encountered the greek goddess, Hera again on the island of Lemnos. She hold on to Hypnos and said, “Sleep, lord over all mortal men and all gods, if ever before now you listened to word of mine, so now also do as I ask; and all my days I shall know gratitude.” Hypnos responded softly, “Hera, honored goddess and daughter of mighty Kronos, any other of the gods, whose race is immortal, I would lightly put to sleep … But I would not come close to Zeus, the son of Kronos, nor put him to sleep, unless when he himself were to tell me.” She first offered a perfect golden throne, but he refused. The second offer was the marriage of the one he loves, the goddess of hallucinations. They swore on the River Styx to do their parts and went to work. He was disguised as a bird in a tree on top of Mount Ida where Zeus and Hera met. When Zeus became seduced by Hera, Hypnos made him go into deep sleep. He the rushed to Poseidon and told him that he can increase his efforts of aiding the Akhaians. When Poseidon did, Zeus woke up and found that the Akhaians

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