The Capture Of Jerusalem By Fulk Of Chartres

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The text is called The Capture of Jerusalem, by Fulk of Chartres, in 1099. In the document, it explains the brutal taking of Jerusalem by the Christians where there was lots of battle and blood. Eventually, the Christians were able to get over the walls and into the city, slaughtering all of the Muslims in Jerusalem and taking all of the treasure. Due to their extreme brutality, the Christians were able to beat the Muslims in Jerusalem. Without their brutality, the Christians would’ve lost to the Muslims. This Brutality is shown when the Christians enter the city and start slaughtering the Muslims. He states, “Those who were already in rapid flight began to flee more rapidly.” This shows that because of the mass death of the Muslims and the cruelty of the Christians, the rest of the Muslims living in the city started to run which in the end aided the Christians in helping. If the Muslims had stayed and fought, it would’ve been much harder for the Christians to take Jerusalem and it probably would’ve ended up in a Muslim victory.…show more content…
In the end, the Muslims did not have the courage to keep going because of the showing of brutality from the Christians. He states, “When the pagans saw one standard planted on the wall, they were completely demoralized, and all their former boldness vanished…” This is showing that because of the cruelty and bloodthirstiness of the Christians, the Muslims became extremely frightened and did not want to fight anymore. This is similar to the previous paragraph, but this is explaining why they ran. If the Christians hadn’t been so violent, the Muslims would’ve still had hope, and would’ve fought

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