The Bride Comes To Yellow Sky

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This short story “The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky,” by Stephen Crane describes a social group in western community the old West. Crane’s characters in this short story are, a Marshal by the name of Jack Potter who is constantly fighting a drunkard by the Scratchy Wilson. There is also a newcomer named Drummer, these characters resides in yellow sky. According to the setting and imagery given by the writer, I can vision Wild, Wild West scenery. Where gun fighting and drinking in saloon are common. The newly married couple boarded the train headed for Yellow Sky in chapter 1 appears to be nervous. Both nervous from because of the way they dress. Jack in a black suit, his wife in her puff sleeve dress. They are very aware of their attire because…show more content…
All of a suddenly came running a young man, informing everyone that Scratchy Wilson is drunk and on the loose again. Everyone reacted, the bar keeper barred the door and windows, as drummer question the young man. The new comer asks, “What is this,” and the young man replied “for the next two hours this town won’t be healthy resort.” The reason the young said so is because they knew what was going to happen, it was something common in their town. Scratchy Wilson was a troublemaker, and the only person who goes outside to fight him is Jack Potter. Who at the moment, they thought were out of…show more content…
Scratchy points his gun towards Jack, issuing challenges. Jack however told Scratchy that he didn’t have a gun, this surprise the troublemaker because everyone knew that Jack always has his gun. Unable to believe Jack, Scratchy Wilson moves to insult Jack. Jack then told Scratchy that he is now married and the woman standing there was his wife, Scratchy was stunt and shock he could not believe that Jack Potter is married. He mentions, “married,” twice as if this was a new word to him. Unable to grasp what he just heard, Scratchy Wilson put his gun away and simply walked

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